A foreigner traveling to Russia should have a valid passport (expiry date should be no earlier than 6 months after the date of visitor’s departure from Russia) and an appropriate visa (for almost all foreign visitors).

Foreign participants should apply for visas at the Russian Consulate in their countries.

Invitation Letters for Visa can be provided by the Local Committee upon request.

Please, apply for a visa as soon as possible to ensure that the visa is issued timely. The visa application rules are different for different types of visas and depend on country of residence of the applicant. Please note that for some countries, the process of issuing the official letter of invitation involves Federal Migration Service and it can take about 6 weeks.

For getting VISA INVITATION DOCUMENT please send the e-mail with information of your affiliation, position, and address of the institution and attach scanned copy of two adjacent pages of your passport, which contain your photo, passport number and expiration date. The same information is required for each of an accompanying person.

Please, also check that you and your accompanying persons’ medical insurance is valid in Russia.

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Contact person: Dr. Sergey Novikov: