Preliminary Program

Poster Session 1: 09.10.18, 11:00 — 13:00
Poster Session 2: 09.10.18, 11:00 — 13:00

Monday, October 8, 2018

09:00 Registration
Session Chair: Alexander Burkov
10:20 Artem Oganov: Computational Search for Novel Thermoelectric Materials. Invited
11:00 Coffee Break
Session Chair: Theodora Kyratsi Posters A1 to A28 & B1 to B28
11:30 Jean-Pierre Fleurial: A review of thermoelectric multicouple technologies for space power systems. Invited
12:00 Thierry Caillat: Life Performance Prediction Approach for the Potential eMMRTG. Invited
12:30 Alibek Masalimov: The simulation of thermoelectric generator based on Mg2(Si-Sn) solid solutions and higher manganese silicides.
12:45 Moritz Greifzu: Production of thermoelectric generators by dispenser printing and laser sintering
13:00 LUNCH
Session Chair: Johannes de Boor
Posters A1 to A28 & B1 to B28
14:00 Lidia D. Ivanova: Thermoelectric generators for small temperature ranges
14:15 Nikolai A. Sidorenko: Effective thermoelement for working temperatures below 90 K
14:30 Alexey S. Osipkov: Current state and trends in the field of automotive thermoelectric generator development
14:45 Oleg N. Uryupin: Set-up for thermoelectric property measurements of nano-wire thermoelectrics
15:00 Ivan. B. Agafonov: Advance-Riko equipments for thermo electric measurements
15:15 Coffee Break
Session Chair: Tsunehiro Takeuchi
Posters A1 to A28 & B1 to B28
15:45 Prasanna Ponnusamy: Simple estimation of TEG performance by approximated analytical calculation of the spatial temperature profile
16:00 Heiko Reith: A study on the characterization of micro thermoelectric modules
16:15 Nika G. Bourobina: Magnetocaloric effect in zero-applied magnetic fields –a solution to energy supply problems
16:30 Albina Nikolaeva: Topological insulators Bi2Te3 wires and layers for thermoelectric applications
16:45 Andrei Melnikov: Dimensionless mathematical model of a thermoelectric cooler and a method of estimating thermal resistances
17:00 Pavel. P. Seregin: Change status of impurity atoms 119mSn in PbS and PbTe in the process of establishing radioactive equilibrium of isotopes 119mTe / 19Sb
17:15 Dmitriy V. Denisov:: The peak effect in the magnetization of the superconducting solid solution (PbzSn1-z) 0.84In0.16
18:00 Welcome Party

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Heusler and Scutterudites
Session Chair: Thierry Caillat
Topology and Theory
Session Chair: Vladimir Kulbachinskii
09:00 Yoichi Nishino: Pseudogap Engineering of Thermoelectric Materials based on Heusler Compound Fe2VAl. Invited Dmitry A. Pshenay-Severin: Structure and properties of topological semimetals. Invited
09:35 Vladimir V. Khovaylo: Heusler alloys as perspective thermoelectric materials Lauritz Schnatmann: Magneto transport properties of iron-containing Cobalt Monosilicid
09:55 Anastasiia I. Taranova: Effect of V doping on the Thermoelectric Properties of Fe2TiSn Heusler alloys Janusz Tobola: Electronic structure features of disordered semiconductors improving their thermoelectric performance. Invited
10:10 Yerzhan Zh. Ashim: Theoretical Modelling of Thermoelectric Properties of Fe2Ti1-xVxSn (x=0, 0.0625, 0.094, 0.125, 0.25) Heusler Alloys
10:25 Pavel Yu. Korotaev: Influence of lattice dynamics on the electronic spectrum of CoSb3 scutterudites Juan Guerra: Ab Initio Calculations of Electronic Band Structures and Efective-Mass Parameters of Thermoelectric $Mg_2X_{1-x}Y_x$ (X,Y=Si, Ge, Sn) Pseudo-Binary Alloys
10:40 Marx, Hans-W: Development of a ZT-measurement system for thin films plus additional Hall constant determination in a temperature range from LN2 up to 280°C
11:00 Coffee Break
Posters A1 to A28
Session Chair: Oleg Uryupin
Posters B1 to B28
Session Chair: Oleg Uryupin
13:00 LUNCH
Session: Silicides
Session Chair: Janusz Tobola
Nanostructured TE materials
Session Chair: Sergey Nemov
14:00 Yuzuru Miyazaki: Recent Progress in Manganese Silicide Thermoelectric Material. Invited Ken Kurosaki: Thermoelectric properties of nanostructured Si and metal silicide composites. Invited
14:30 Johannes de Boor: Optimizing p-type Mg2Si1-xSnx: insight on the band structure from transport modelling Anatoly I. Romanenko: Influence of the two-dimensionalization of electron transport on the conductivity and thermoelectric power of thermoelectrics on the basis of layered dichalcogenides of transition metals with substitutions in anionic and cation subsystems.
14:45 Theodora Kyratsi: Thermoelectric Properties of Magnesium Silicide Type Materials Prepared Using Silicon Waste from Photovoltaics. Vitalii A. Kuznetsov: Influence of different preparation conditions of transition metal dichalcogenides polycrystalline samples on their electron transport properties
15:00 Elli Symeou: Stability Studies of Magnesium Silicide Based Materials for Medium Temperature Applications Galina E. Yakovleva: Investigation of thermoelectric properties of W1-xNbxSe2-ySy and Ti1-xNbxSe2-ySy over a wide range of temperature
15:15 Sahar Ayachi: Ag & Cu as Contacting Materials for Mg2SixSn1-x-based Thermoelectric Generator Natalya S. Petrova: Micro-and nanostructuring of layered thermoelectrics (1-x)Bi2Te3-(x)Sb2Te3 with a high density of intergranular boundaries
15:30 Coffee Break
Session: Oxides.
Session chair: Vladimir Khovaylo
16:00 Ryoji Funahashi: Examples of translational research using thermoelectric oxides. Invited
16:35 Slavko Bernik: Structural and microstructural engineering for enhanced thermoelectric characteristics of the oxide ceramics
16:50 A.P. Novitskii, G. Gülow, A.I. Voronin, T. Mori, V.V. Khovaylo: Direct synthesis of p-type bulk BiCuSeO oxyselenides by reactive spark plasma sintering
17:05 Armin Feldhof: Triple-phase ceramic nanocomposite with enhanced thermoelectric power factor

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Polymers and films
Session Chair: Alexander Burkov
09:00 Kunihito Koumoto: 2D Nanomaterials for Flexible Thermoelectrics. Invited
09:35 Roman Tkachov: Synthesis of processable n-type polymers with reproducible thermoelectric characteristics and their deposition on flexible substrates
09:50 Shupenev Alexander: Prospects and application of thin thermoelectric films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
10:05 Khabib Yusupov: An influence of combined application of carbon nanotubes and chemical posttreatment on thermoelectric properties of composites based on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) polystyrene sulfonate
10:20 Mikhail V. Suslov: Thermoelectric power of the thin films of Bi(1-х)Sb(х) (0≤x≤0.15 ) on the mica and polyimide substrates in the temperature range of 77–300K
10:35 Vladimir A. Komarov: Hall and Seebeck effects in bismuth thin films on a mica substrate in the temperature range 77-300 K
11:00 Coffee Break
Session: Novel Phenomena.
Session Chair: Oleg N. Ivanov
11:30 Tsunehiro Takeuchi: Self-tuning carrier concentration effect and colossal values of ZT in Cu2Se. Invited
12:00 Alexandr V. Sidorov: Thermoelectric and thermoelectrokinetic phenomena in colloidal solutions
12:15 Anastasiia S. Tukmakova: The simulation of mechanical aspects of spark plasma sintering of segmented nanothermoelectrics
12:30 Ali Allahkhah: Features of electrical and optical properties of p-Bi2Te3 crystals
13:00 LUNCH
City Tour
Conference Dinner

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Physical properties of TE materials
Session Chair: Dmitry Pshenay-Severin
10:00 Antonio Pereira Gonçalves: Towards the use of Cu-S based synthetic minerals for thermoelectric applications. Invited
10:35 Oleg N. Ivanov: Mechanisms of thermoelectric efficiency enhancement in bismuth telluride doped by rare earth elements
10:50 Zinovi M. Dashevsky: Increasing of Z-factor in solid solutions Bi-Te-Sb p-type conductivity
11:05 Zinovi M. Dashevsky: Exstrusion of thermoelectric semiconductors Bi-Sb in the environment under high hydrostatic pressure
11:20 Anton V. Suslov: Band structure of the thin bismuth-antimony films (from 0 to 15 at. % Sb) on substrates with different thermal expansion
11:35 Evgenii V. Demidov: The coherence length and the quantum size effects’ features in transport phenomena in thin films of bismuth on substrates of mica
11:50 Anatolii Ia. Terekov: Gradient pressing of thermoelectric materials
Conference Closing