Young Scientists

The young section of XVI INTERSTATE CONFERENCE «THERMOELECTRICS AND THEIR APPLICATIONS-2018» (ISCTA 2018) has finished its work.

 Scientists from universities, students and postgraduate students specializing in the problems of the direct thermoelectric energy conversion presented their reported. The young section of the Conference was attended by 53 participants. 19 oral and 21 poster presentations were presented during the section. The best presentations by young investigators were given  special awards.

The Young Scientists Section was finance supported by Russian Foundation For Basic Research (RFBR), Project № 18-38-10047 mol_g.

Students and PhD whose age does not exceed 35 years on the date of the beginning of the Conference (oral report and poster) need to mark their reports “Youth section”, the best works will be awarded with a prize on the last day of the Conference.

Contact person: Dr. Sergei Novikov: