Tourist information

Information about Saint-Petersburg

Getting to the City from the Airport:

Public transport:

  • Payment by cash: 40 rubles one trip (tram, bus, trolleybus) and 45 rubles for the Metro (Subway).
  • Payment by bank card with PayPass, PayWare: 40 rubles one trip (tram, bus, trolleybus) and 45 rubles Metro. This method works on every metro station, but not on every routes of the ground transport.
  •  Payment by electronic card «PODOROZHNIK»: 31 rubles one trip (tram, bus, trolleybus) and 36 rubles for the Metro.  You can buy it (and recharge it) at the ticket offices of the Metro stations.
  • Metro map.


There are more than 200 museums in St. Petersburg.


There are more than 100 theatres in the city.

Internet and Wi-Fi

Saint-Petersburg has a lot of points with free Wi-Fi: all the metro stations, some ground transportation routes, restaurants and cafes.
If you need the Internet all the time, we recommend you to purchase a local SIM-card. The average price for 10 GB is 400 rubles.


We suggest you stay at the hotels “Rossiya” and “U Fontana” see here.
Or you can use: